You know what this is, Kensalina?

  • 7 hours sleep for 2 nights ain't enough..
  • And leave you without voice.. or well a roughed up voice..
  • But nonetheless goooood times!!!!
  • Thanks lovely people ♡


- Horizontal Densi

I mean, that’s what we are, right?


- Densi + couches



Inspired by Holly’s post

Kensi knew the slumber that had finally taken over her and Deeks was too good to be true when she was awoken by the shrieking baby cries coming from the monitor. She grabbed her phone from coffee table to check the time and proceeded to nudge Deeks in the shoulder with her foot. She knew he was awake and internally hoping the baby would stop wailing. 

"Deeks," she hissed through her teeth, continuing to nudge him until she got a response.

"I’m awake and definitely not deaf," he groaned into the pillow. "Lets wait this round out, maybe he’ll stop." Deeks was really just fooling himself.

"In our dreams," she said groggily as she leaned down to rip the pillow Deeks was using to cover his ears out of his grip. Doing that didn’t serve her purpose because he ended up grabbing the other one right next to him.

"Why do babies have to cry? I get it’s their way of communicating, but it’s so loud and disturbing. Angelic singing would be so much better but babies this age can’t talk, so why would they sing? You get my p-"

"Deeks," she barked, cutting off his exhaustion induced rambling as an indication for him to shut up. The tone in her voice was loud enough to get her message across, but also quiet enough so it wouldn’t aggravate the baby’s cries even more.

He sobered up and sat up at his name that time. “I’m coming. You lay back down. I’ll handle this one.”

FANGIRL CHALLENGE [5/50] Female Characters ~ Kensi Blye
Unfortuneately, most of the guys I meet… are trying to shoot me. ”

The best of the E-B-T-O - 6.02

Oh! What?! Is that real? Oh my God. It’s so glorious. It’s like a… it’s like an angelic bathmat. I just want to touch it. It looks so fluffy.