You know what this is, Kensalina?

Wait. What?

The article said it was Season 4 Episode 2 which would be a Densi ep, right? But do you remember this guys?

(yes she tweeted me fuck yeah.. okay back to the point)

They also said Neric action would be in that ep… hmm… Shane you are one of a kind… don’t tease us :(

I hope my densi post wasn’t just for nothing… *sigh*

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  2. sass-and-caffeine answered: What article? I want to hear about this spoiler!!
  3. zerotolove answered: i honestly just try to ignore anything shane brennan says, ever. he is the king of hyping things up.
  4. cmunderwoods answered: They can have plenty of Densi & Neric in the same episode.
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  7. allons-youwish answered: Guess it’s a totally ship-friendly episode!
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